Huub Evers PhD is a freelance media ethics expert.
Till 2012, he was a professor of media, ethics and diversity at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Department of Journalism in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

He gained his PhD in Communication Sciences from Amsterdam University. His thesis "Journalism and ethics" dealt with the verdicts of the Dutch Press Council.

He is the author of several books and articles on media and communication ethics, on intercultural journalism and intercultural competences for journalists and broadcasters.
He was a guest lecturer at Syracuse University, Le Moyne College (USA), Southampton Institute, Ankara University and several Dutch universities.
He was a participant in MediaAcT (Media Accountability and Transparency), an international EU funded research project on media accountability systems as indicators for media pluralism in Europe. The project analyzed the development and impact of established media accountability systems (e.g. press councils, codes of ethics) as well as new media accountability systems emerging in the Internet (e.g. media criticism in blogs) in twelve EU member states and two Arab countries.

He is news ombudsman of the Dutch local newspaper De Limburger and a (former) member of the Dutch Press Council

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